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Summaries & Factlets
My h-index is 18 (via Google Scholar).

My Erdős number is 3 (Paul Erdös > Laszlo Szekely > David Penny > Daniel Jeffares).
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Selected Publications
(key:  more than 100 citations, ψ more than 84 citations, » not yet highly cited)

» Jeffares DC (2018). The natural diversity and ecology of fission yeast. Yeast doi:10.1002/yea.3293.  Abstractview in journal  | PDF | data

» Jeffares DC, Jolly C, Hoti M, Speed D, Liam Shaw, Rallis D, Francois Balloux, Dessimoz C, Bähler J, Sedlazeck F (2016). Transient structural variations have strong effects on quantitative traits and reproductive isolation in fission yeast. Nature Communications doi:10.1038/ncomms14061. abstractbioRxiv | PDF | view in journal | data 
The story behind the paper: Sex, alcohol and structural variants in fission yeast.

» Jeffares DC, Rallis C, Rieux A, Speed D, Převorovský M, Mourier T, [more authors], Hayles J, Carazo Salas RE, Ralser M, Maniatis N, Balding DJ, Balloux F, Durbin R, Bähler J (2015). The Genomic and Phenotypic Diversity of Schizosaccharomyces pombe. Nature Genetics 47(3):235-241. doi: 10.1038/ng.3215. Abstract | PDF | blog | data

Leanne Bischof, Martin Převorovský, Charalampos Rallis, Daniel C. Jeffares, Yulia Arzhaeva and Jürg Bähler. Spotsizer: High-throughput quantitative analysis of microbial growth. BioTechniques 61(4):191–201. Abstract | PDF | Get the software

» Benito A, Jeffares DC, Palomero F, Calderón F, Bai F-Y, Bähler J, Benito S (2016). Selected Schizosaccharomyces pombe strains have characteristics that are beneficial for winemaking. PLoS ONE 11(3): e0151102. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0151102. Abstract | PDF

» Poole AM,  Jeffares DC, Hoeppner M & Penny D (2015). Does the ribosome challenge our understanding of the RNA World? Journal of Molecular Evolution 82(1):1-4. Abstract | PDF

» Bitton DA, Rallis C, Jeffares DC, Smith GC, Chen YY, Codlin S, Marguerat S, Bähler J (2014). LaSSO, a strategy for genome-wide mapping of intronic lariats and branch points using RNA-seq. Genome Res. 24(7):1169-79. Abstract | PDF

» Nygaard S, Braunstein A, Malsen G, Van Dongen S, Gardner PP, Krogh A, Otto TD, Pain A, Berriman M, McAuliffe J, Dermitzakis ET, Jeffares DC. (2010). Long- and short-term selective forces on malaria parasite genomes. PLOS Genetics 6(9): e1001099. Abstract PDF

ψ Jeffares DC, Penkett CJ, Bähler J (2008). Rapidly regulated genes are intron poor. Trends in Genetics 24(8): 375-378. AbstractPDF

 Jeffares DC, Pain A, Berry A, Cox AV, Stalker J, Ingle CE, Thomas A, Quail MA, Siebenthall, K, Uhlemann A-C, Kyes S, Krishna S, Newbold C, Dermitzakis ET, Berriman M (2007). Genome variation and evolution of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparumNature Genetics 39(1): 120-125. AbstractPDF

 Peacock et al. (2007). Comparative genomic analysis of three Leishmania species that cause diverse human disease. Nature Genetics 39(7): 839-847. AbstractPDF

 Jeffares DC,  Mourier T, and Penny, D (2006). The biology of intron gain and loss. Trends in Genetics 22(1):16-22.  AbstractPDF

 Mourier T and Jeffares DC (2003). Eukaryotic intron loss. Science 300 (5624): 1393. AbstractPDF

 Poole A, Jeffares DC and Penny D (1998). The path from the RNA world. Journal of Molecular Evolution 46(1):1-17.

 Jeffares DC, Poole AM, and Penny D (1998). Relics from the RNA world. Journal of Molecular Evolution 46(1):18–36. AbstractPDF


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