IMG_2524This site is about my research in genome evolution, population genomics, genetics & molecular evolution. I research the processes of molecular evolution, population and quantitative genomics. Mainly these questions:
♠ How can a genome evolve when it’s function is constrained (and influenced by) the need to produce an effective organism?
♠  How does cell biology and molecular/gene biology influence molecular evolution?
♠  How do parasites evolve to avoid and manipulate their hosts?

I am organism-agnostic, having worked on plants (Arabidopsis & maize), metazoans (C. elegans), some avleolates (Plasmodium) and now the single-celled yeast (Schizosaccharomyces pombe, see here). I have also examined both very ancient events (eg: the RNA world) or very recent events (eg: malaria parasite diversity) to look for interesting phenomena.

I am a lecturer at The University of York in the Department of Biology and an honorary research associate at UCL. I’m a member of these organisations: The RA Fisher Centre for Computational BiologyThe Genetics SocietyThe Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution. I am an associate editor for BMC Genomics.

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